Boxing is the field of the unexpected
Everything can end with one PUNCH
No matter the gameplan
And that punch can come in any second!
Coming back from a shock knockout,
After a plethora of excuses,
Wilder has an opportunity to prove his point
And can turn out to be more dangerous than ever.
Knowing he has the nuclear bomb in his right hand
And that Fury doesn’t have the power to knock him out with one punch,
He can take more risks of penetration
Which will work even better if he has learnt some boxing since the last time.

Fury, on the other hand, may come in not in the best psychological shape
Since he has less to prove. His biggest dream is already behind him. His loss will only mean a draw overall. He is likely to suffer a knockout in the early rounds. But if he is able to avoid the bombs all through, he’ll surely come out a winner.

Two facts remain standing:
Fury is a better boxer
Wilder is a dangerous boxer
Goodluck to both great men!