During their first encounter, Wilder’s major error was being too much in a hurry to knock Fury out and nearly lost his title as a result. He is likely to correct that.

On the other hand, Fury’s major error was his ducking style, mostly downwards. Over time the opponent will get used to your head movement and hit the target, or you get the timing wrong. Fury’s ducking should be backwards accompanied by faster leg movement. Since Wilder hardly needs more than a punch to end a fight, Fury must do everything to ensure that no full load lands on his head. A blunder Fury committed in the first encounter that denied him victory was his continuing to fight the normal way in the 12th round knowing fully well he only needed to stay on his feet till the end of the round to win the fight.

I heard him say he will knock Wilder out in two rounds. I hope he was kidding. He has proved that he is more skillful than Wilder, he only needs to get in there with more skills, including, knowing when to back off.

All said, it remains a contest between a boxer and a puncher. A puncher remains more dangerous, especially at the speed of Wilder. Good luck to both great men