Every northerner I have listened to on the matter was furiously against it, sometimes with threats. On the other hand, every southerner I have listened to on the matter has not only fully endorsed it, but expressed surprise that their northern colleagues had a different opinion. If the decision was driven by indubitable facts as claimed by the authorities and their southern supporters, why can’t a single critical thinker from the north see those reasons? Likewise, if the arguments advanced by northern commentators are valid, why can’t some critical thinkers in the south see through them? Why must it be so neatly divided between north and south? Remember, these are not the people we often refer to as men in the street. These are well placed members of society in whose hands our collective fate is firmly placed. Again, this is another glaring evidence of our frequent preference for feelings rather than thinking, let alone critical thinking on important national issues. Well, let me not lose hope yet. Maybe some differing opinions from either side will appear soon. Otherwise, this is utterly frightening!