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Category: National Discourse

No Man’s Land

To many, what comes to mind on hearing above expression is an environment where only the tough dare to tread on. Kano used to have a decent estate at the heart of the town called No Man’s Land. Some other cities may also have...

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Still on March 18 elections

Before now, I never really cared much about Lagos politics. Somehow, I just had that notion that Lagos (luckily) always had a performing governor. From a distance, Sanwo-Olu appeared amiable to me, and so had nothing against his...

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In Search of Peaceful Elections

As Nigerians march to the polls tomorrow, it is important everyone, especially ordinary Nigerians, knows that none of us deserves to die or be maimed just because we are having elections. Let us join the rest of the civilized...

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Elections and Democracy

The Feb. 25, 2023, presidential and NASS elections have come and gone. Anger, frustration, anxiety, etc all over. The promised El Dorado does not seem to be in sight. Some call for outright cancellation, others stand in between,...

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