A break in circuit!

A blackout!!

A concept in the head!!!


Deontay Wilder: the knockout specialist, 41 wins, 40 knockouts.
One huge hydrogen bomb,

And it was goodnight for Luis Ortiz, the 40-year old Cuban Heavyweight boxer.

I duff my hat for Ortiz, even though he lost.

He did well overall and was ahead on points, but his guard began to drop by the 5th round thereby inviting the bronze bomber to drop his bomb.

Way down the 7th round, Wilder could hardly believe what he saw: an undefended head within reach-boom! and that was it.

Its always very difficult to maintain full vigilance all the time. I think Ortiz should have switched to defensive fighting by the 6th round, having been ahead on points. But could he have survived? Difficult to say.