Well let’s see:
First black president.
Editor, Harvard Law Review/ Trump bought his way into Wharton.
Married to the same woman for 28 years, no scandals/ Trump, 5 kids by 3 wives. Countless affairs.
Brought the country back from a recession that Trump benefited from. / Inherited a great economy and almost harpooned it.
Universally admired. / Trump not Universally admired.
Nobel Peace Prize. / Trump 2 nominations.
Actually wrote 15 + books. / Trump Collaborated on 2 books.
Babies stop crying in his presence. / Trump, babies cry within 50’ of him.
Shoots 3 pointers left-handed. / Trump Cheats at golf.
Sings church pulpit good. / Trump doesn’t know the National Anthem.
Has 126M Twitter followers. / Trump has 90M.
Knows how to wear a suit. /Trump buys expensive but off the rack.
Went from 0 to $40M. Actual self-made wealth. / Trump squandered a massive inheritance.
Most admired man in the world who happens to be married to the most admired woman in the world. / Trump not really admired and married to, well, yeah…
I have no idea.