Absenting himself from the inauguration may make violence at the venue more likely. I hope and pray that this is not the beginning of the collapse of the oldest constitutional democracy as widespread violence looms. One man is hell-bent on having it all or destroy everything.

Can’t the inauguration be done in seclusion? There are enemies within.

I still find it strange, impossible to explain how a large portion of the nation’s top politicians(Republicans) will suddenly throw principles to the dogs and stand with dishonesty and insanity at the expense of their dear nation. A nation where we have watched news of fathers calling in the police to come and pick up their sons who have committed crimes, sons calling in the police to come pick up their fathers that have been duping people? Politicians’ conduct we have for years used as examples of how leaders should behave. Now they can’t call for the discipline of a lawless president?

This is a man that should never have been the party’s flag bearer in the first place. This blind move was made possible by the extreme desire by white Americans to do away with immigrants who are mostly coloureds. Isn’t the result too high a price to pay for the misjudgment? This reminds me of a man who, because of months of nagging, saw the wife as a devil, ran out and into the arms of another woman where he met the real devil. Emotions are part of human nature.

We cannot make decisions without them, but they can blind anybody, even to ridiculous extents, sometimes with grave consequences. This is certainly one of them. The evidence was abundant that this could never make a good president. They remained blind. And now the mental state of the president of the most powerful nation is unclear.