So, it’s not only in Nigeria we have strange thought patterns. They say, bribery and corruption? Ok, no problem. Their twin brothers take just half a step away and say, bribery & corruption? Not ok, but so what? He can continue, but all others that commit bribery & corruption should go to jail. Strange!

Just like some people in Nigeria for some strange reason convinced themselves that a man who had battled integrity problems for over four decades was the latest messiah in town just because the man on the stage had under-performed. Some people in Gods own country appear willing to put up with bribery and corruption just because they feel threatened by immigration and the like.

Blindly embracing any being, even a hydra-headed Lucifer, just because the lead actor hasn’t performed satisfactorily, is never the way to go. It’s good to know that we are not alone, citizens of Gods own country also fall victim of strange thought patterns.