“Peter Odili gave Femi Fani Kayode N2b to fix Port Harcourt runway and he went away with it”- Chibuike Rotimi Amechi.
Was it a personal gift from Odili to Fani Kayode?
Was it in the form of a cheque?
Did Odili personally hand it over to Kayode?
Was it in Odili’s private sitting room?
No other government officials present?
No cameras catching the show?
No due process of any kind?
No protocols whatsoever?
No adverts? No bidding? No contract agreement?
No supervisors or project managers?
No time limits?
No controls of any type?
100% payment upfront?
Ok, even if such was the method of transacting government business, what has Rivers state govt done about it since then? Over a decade ago. Amechi, as serving minister of transportation had the facts before him as he claimed. Was he transfixed by Fani Kayode’s super mind? Why did he not do the needful: go to court and get him jailed? Too many questions begging for answers!
Some years ago FFK claimed he was not in the same class with CRA. This year CRA has also claimed he was not at the same level with FFK. We shall soon know what levels/classes both men are.