We have been taught that democracy is the government of the people, by the people and for the people. It is no more democracy if any of these are missing. Some people make the mistake of thinking that once leaders have emerged via elections (whether flawed or not) you are now riding a democratic bike. Not at all. Democracy is not a piece of cake to be eaten. It is a system that should be practiced in a certain way and expected results gotten. It is assumed that once the characteristics of democratic rule are complete, the expected dividends should be free-flowing, and people will be happy. But when the people’s lives are not improving, especially if they are getting worse, then something is wrong with what is being practiced. This is more infuriating when those in the leadership constantly deploy undemocratic tactics to perpetuate themselves in power and an attempt to effect a change should be welcome. Unconditionally condemning such attempts should be unacceptable. People talk about democratic rule as if it was made in Heaven and sent down to us. This only came about among human beings in search of methods to ensure good governance. Some non-democratic systems are known to have improved the lives of the people better than democratic ones.