Today is the 75th anniversary of the Normandy Beach landing: a huge amphibious assault that was designed to kick-start the defeat of the German military forces during World War II.

A military operation involving more than 2,000 air crafts, 4,000 ships, and 160,000 military personnel, the world has never known, before or after, a military operation of similar scale. Operation Neptune, under the command of General Bernard Montgomery, commenced a little past midnight, in less than perfect weather.

I really got touched today while watching some of the American veterans at the American cemetery in France tell their stories. I wondered what could be going through their minds as they set foot once again, probably for the last time, on the very soil they(mostly in their teens and early twenties) fought fiercely against the Nazi’s. I am sure some of the Nigerian WW II veterans are still with us.

My utmost respect for all those gallant soldiers who fought in that war to protect our freedom. May the souls of those who died in the war continue to rest in peace and God continue to be with those still alive.