Senator Sabi Abdullahi, the Senate Deputy Chief Whip, was on channels TV this evening forcefully defending the amount, which has angered many Nigerians. I guess this was the sponsor of the hate speech bill. Over the years I have watched this same Senator take similar posture on different issues.

I wonder if the distinguished senator realizes that he has successfully painted himself in the colours of the “enemy of the people” and stands to gain nothing positive from it. People, whom he represents, have feelings even in a democratic setting. Democratic processes are also capable of yielding wrong results.

No amount of argument, even by the best professionals Nigeria can boast of, can convince Nigerians, who own the building, and who own the money going to be spent on the building, that spending N37b for NASS building renovation at this point in time when Nigeria is going cap in hand borrowing for basic infrastructural can ever translate to prudent spending.

My advice: Please senator, adopt a more considerate position in the discharge of your responsibilities as a distinguished senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. To Mr President, who has always come across to most Nigerians as frugal, who listened to the proposal and approved of it, if this is your own method of compensating the NASS members for cooperating with you, its surely a bad judgement.