Before now, I never really cared much about Lagos politics. Somehow, I just had that notion that Lagos (luckily) always had a performing governor. From a distance, Sanwo-Olu appeared amiable to me, and so had nothing against his being re-elected as governor of Lagos state. When other candidates appeared on the scene, I felt it would be a good opportunity for the governor to demonstrate his preference by the people of Lagos. What I saw during the March 18 elections, sometimes on live video, was disheartening. Not just the level of violence, but the pattern of violence in the pace-setting city was extremely shocking. The supporters of APC had not quite forgiven those perceived to be behind the shocking and embarrassing loss of Lagos by their political idol during the Feb. 25 elections. They decided to teach them a lesson they would never forget. This is without doubt taking us many steps backward. It is madly, madly, urgent that the governor put in place an effective way of nipping this ugly trend in the bud.